Igniting The Flame Within


“…not once have I seen two performances that are alike. (Industribe’s) shows highlight the unique personalities of each member of this fire-spinning group and each member brings their own, ever-changing energy to the stage with ever-impressive combinations, movements and fire-pieces. Perhaps it is for this reason that every festival I have had attended, the Industribe fire-spinning has been one of the reliable highlights.

…Industribe have a message behind their art… To bring people together despite perceived differences, back to a state of self-empowerment, imaginative creativity, open mindedness and daring. Their shows carry messages that are at times subtly political calls to action, sometimes overtly social narratives and always thought provoking and challenging. This is reflected in the members of Industribe, whom, as people, challenge many oppressive societal norms in their simple way of being; in doing so opening a space for others to explore themselves and their own empowerment.” ~Benjamin Reid-Howells, musician

“When the sun goes down, (Industribe) is always ready to put on a safe, exhilarating, and very professional show. They’re skilled in a huge variety of fire spinning techniques–just when you think the show couldn’t get more exciting they always bring out something even better. Last year I overheard one person remarking that it’s like Cirque du Soleil has arrived in our little Halifax neighbourhood, and I couldn’t agree more!”
~Eli Gordon, Director of the Black Street Party


Industribe is an insured fire arts collective based out of Eastern Canada. Choose from several shows that incorporate fire, dance, costumes, and a dynamic Dj duo. Industribe is a unique & inspiring experience every time. Choose between a unique one-of-a-kind production, or one of our crowd Favourite shows!

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